Master Carpenter  LIC# 13VH03221500
Home Improvement and Repair Specialist
over 25 yrs. experience 
Testimonials and Photo Gallery
"There are many good contractors but we found a great one in Anthony! They are Responsive, Competitive, Clean, and offers Quality Service..............They have made my home sparkle! Thanks Anthony." - Leonor Fessock 
"What fantastic service, I was ecstatic about the results. I will definitely be using Anthony again. Not only was the response to our service request fast, but the quality of workmanship was excellent. We recommended Anthony to our friends. Keep up the good work and Thanks." - Jessica LoBrace
"Prompt-Efficient-Professional. I could not ask for a better performance--work was excellent." - John Anthony Lind 
"I was recently faced with the challenge of getting my old home ready for sale. Anthony patched up holes in my walls caused by a faulty window covering installation. If you're faced with home improvement or repair tasks, and don't have the time or the ability to deal with it, I would give Anthony my highest recommendation." - Scott Benko 
"You exceeded my expectations. You were able to make the weather strip fit even though I bought the wrong size. Thanks for your help." - Kevin Lonergan 
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"Master Carpenter" Anthony
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